About Us

Georgia Dugout Club History

What has become one of the finest Baseball Coaches Associations in the United States had a very humble origin. In 1962, Jim Luck (Georgia Tech), Julian Mock (Murphy), E.E. Red Whitsett (Grady), Harry Lloyd (Westminster), and Joe Lattanzi (Campbell) decided that amature baseball on the college and high school level needed a guiding organization. Thus, the Atlanta Dugout Club came into existence.

With the ever-changing level of competition and expanded emphasis on baseball, the Atlanta Dugout Club became the Metro Atlanta Dugout Club, and today is the Georgia Dugout Club. This organization proudly represents some of the finest college and high school programs in the United States. Because of the intense participation of its membership, the state of Georgia is a hot bed for both collegiate and professional talent.

Such collegiate programmers from Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Kennesaw State, LaGrange, Emory, Columbus State and Georgia College are annually conference champions and World Series participants.

On the high school level, Georgia ranks as one of the nation's states. Several programs are nationally ranked by such prestigious publications as Baseball America and Collegiate Baseball Magazine. A host of Georgia prep coaches and facilities are the envy of the baseball world.

Our ongoing goal is to acknowledge some of the unmatchable achievements of our membership and their players. Even though the Georgia Dugout Club did not directly affect those accolades, we share in their pride of accomplishment. As an organization whose membership has developed a statewide commitment to excellence, we feel related and if one of us is blessed, then we all are. Georgia is truly an extraordinary atmosphere in which a talented and committed player can possibly make his dream a reality.