Better Baseball is the premier baseball equipment supplier in the Southeast.  We specialize in the manufacturing of netting, windscreen, batting cages, protective screens and more.  We are also your one stop shop for any retail baseball item.  We carry every major brand and always make sure to have what our customers need in stock.  Come check out our 10,000 square foot facility in Marietta, GA.  It's baseball heaven and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Contact Sterling Pace National Sales Director  800 997 4233


Mizuno is proud to be a sponsor for the Georgia Dugout Club and Team Georgia. Thank you for all of your support over the years. Mizuno has continued to add to their head to toe product line this year by adding a new Custom Uniform Line and a Custom Cleat Line for 2006. The Custom Uniform Line includes double knit polyester jerseys, mechanical mesh jersey, and clemson cut pants. The Custom Cleat Line includes being able to design your team's 9 Spike Cleat in your school's custom colors.
Please contact your local team dealer or give me a call with any questions. You may also look at our new products on line at www.mizuonusa.com - Paxton Briley, 404-993-0559.


Diamond will rebate $2.00 for each dozen D1-NFHS and $1.00 for each dozen D1-Pro's purchased by Georgia High School Coaches. This program will continue through the spring and summer of 2014. Additionally, any D1-NFHS or D1-Pro's purchased for summer camps will also qualify for the rebate. All money will be sent directly to the Georgia Dugout Club. Support the Georgia Dugout Club by purchasing DIAMOND BASEBALLS
If you have questions please contact: Derreck Cole—Diamond Sports representative for the state of Georgia 770 331 6143(cell), 678 828 5997(fax) bamawabbit67@yahoo.com